The South Bay's Best Mobile Auto Repair Service Comes To You!

The latest equipment and tools in the hands of a mechanic with 22 years experience.
With ongoing classes at De Anza to stay up to date with new vehicles.

          Think about it, your car has problems.

In order to find out what is wrong with it you will have to pay a tow service to take it to a shop. Pay for a Diagnostics, and then you find out how much you are looking at.

If you can not afford the repairs you have to pay to tow it home. You are out approximately $140 for the tow back and forth, $100 for the service and your back where you started from.

Besides that you have to figure out how to get there and back yourself unless you plan on sitting there while they do the work

Wouldn’t it be much better to have a licensed and trained mechanic with a mobile work shop come to you at your convience and perform a Diagnostics then repairs right in your drive way?

Sure it would. The tow fees you saved can go to the actual repairs. Most repairs can be done right then. If I need a part I don’t have in stock we have accounts at several parts shops. If it is in stock I'll go get it and install it right then. If not we schedule a second appointment.

Services Offered:

Used car safety inspections, Diagnostics, Brakes, Master cylinder, Water pump, Shocks and Struts, Timing belts, Suspension work, Alternators, Starters, Radiator, Hoses, Gaskets, Belts, Transmission services, general maintenance, Tune-up, 30K 60K 90K and 120K.


Referral services offered for: Replacement of Engines, Transmissions, Clutches, Rear ends and Internal engine work,


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Please, have your contact information and the location of the vehicle for me..
Same day appointment may be available, If not I will schedule an appointment for repairs, usually within 48 hours.
On the morning of your appointment, I will contact you to confirm that you and your vehicle will be there.


  • If I Cannot Confirm Your Appointment , I Will Not Show Up. Please provide best number.
  • I Will Not Perform Any Diagnostics, or Any Repairs On Your Vehicle Without A Signed Authorization On Your Repair Order.

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I  provide this fast and convenient service for you at a fair price because I realize that happy customers refer there friends. I've owned my own business for ten years now and know that satisfied customers will build your business faster than money spent on advertizing.
This also helps keep my prices down. For a free consultation give me a call.

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Licensed By The State California Bureau Of Automotive Repair